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During 2008 considerable progress was made with the commercial process to procure a PWR (pressurised water reactor) nuclear power station as mentioned in last year’s annual report. In December 2008 the Eskom board evaluated the situation taking into account, among others, our financial constraints, the start of the global credit crunch and the progress made during negotiations with potential suppliers. The board decided that while it continued to support nuclear power, it would not proceed with the proposed investment in the Nuclear-1 project due to the magnitude of the investment, and Eskom consequently terminated the commercial procurement process to select the preferred bidder for the construction of the Nuclear-1 project.

The process to introduce further nuclear stations is now being led by government. Eskom will continue to work with government in this regard.

The various investigations that had previously commenced to prepare the sites for future nuclear power stations are continuing. These activities include, among others, the environmental impact assessment investigating three sites for proposed nuclear power stations, the environmental impact assessments investigating transmission line routes associated with the three sites, and the geotechnical and other studies required to characterise the sites to support a future application for a nuclear installation licence from the National Nuclear Regulator.

  Please click here for information about the Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (PBMR) project. Further detail on the PBMR project can be obtained from


Coal remains Eskom’s primary energy source for electricity generation


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