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Environmental impact assessments

The undertaking of environmental impact assessments (EIAs) plays a critical role in ensuring informed decision-making regarding Eskom’s build programme. Most of Eskom’s capacity expansion projects are listed activities in terms of legislation and therefore, require an environmental authorisation before construction may start. This is obtained from the DEAT. The EIA regulations require the assessment of alternatives, public participation and for the public to be given the opportunity to appeal against decisions made by the authorities.


Please click here for a list of current major EIAs.

Unit 6 of the new Medupi power station in Lephalale

Land and rights
We have embarked on numerous strategically important land, servitude and residential property acquisitions for new power stations throughout the country. Land acquisitions for two coal-fired, two pumped-storage power stations, a coal transport system and underground coal gasification were successfully completed.

This year alone 18 parcels of land, 34 servitudes and 302 houses were acquired for the new build programme and six land parcels, 10 servitudes and 63 houses are currently in negotiation for purchase.

Stakeholder forums
Over and above the EIA process and its public participation activities, we are establishing forums around the country in those areas where the expansion programmes will or could take place. The forums provide a platform for regular engagements and communication with the affected communities and provide timeous and accurate responses to stakeholder issues.

The first forum was established in the greater Waterberg area. In December 2008, there was an information sharing session between ourselves and the greater Waterberg area involving landowners, interested and affected parties and other stakeholders. The purpose of the session was to share our “bigger picture” regarding the long-term electricity plan in the region.

Furthermore, we use small groups to workshop issues that are identified during the main forum meeting and these groups feed back to the main forum. In December 2008, air pollution, climate change, renewables and water were identified as critical issues.

Eskom plans to rollout the establishment of the forums in other areas.

  Please click here for more detail on stakeholder engagement around the land and servitude acquisition process.
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