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Southern Africa grid map
Key facts
from power station to customer
Organisational structure
Executive summary
Vision, values and
strategic objectives
Group five-year review
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Corporate governance and tables  

An index to the 2008 annual report based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainability reporting guideline criteria is provided in the table.

GRI reference Description Reference(s) in annual report
Strategy and analysis    
1.1 – 1.2 Statement from senior decision-makers, description of impacts,risks and opportunities Profile
  Message from the chairman
  Message from the chief executive
Organisational profile    
2.1 – 2.10 Organisational profile: details andscale of organisation, ownership,changes and awards received Profile
  Southern Africa grid map
  Contact information
    Key facts and organisational structure
    Vision and values
    Marketand industry overview
    Integrated risk profile
    Directors’ report
    Notes to the financial statements – investments in equity accounted investees
Report parameters    
3.1 – 3.13 Report profile, scope andboundaries. GRI content index,assurance Profile
  Electricity: from power station to customer
  Executive summary
    Application of GRI principles
    Vision and values
    Independent assurance report to Eskom Holdings Limited
    Statement of responsibilities and approval
    Independent auditors’ report to the Minister of Public Enterprises
    GRI index
Governance, commitments and engagements  
4.1 – 4.17 Governance, commitments toexternal initiatives and stakeholderengagement Vision, values and strategic objectives
  Group five-year review
  Performance in terms of the shareholder compact
  Productivity and price recovery
    Restoring Eskom’s image and public confidence
    Corporate governance
    Stakeholder engagement
Management approach and performance indicators  
Economic performance indicators (EC)  
EC1 – EC9 Economic performance, marketpresence and indirect economicimpacts Group five-year review
  Market and industry overview
  Financial review
  Productivity and price recovery
    Directors’ report
    Consolidated financial statements
    Notes to financial statement – employee benefit expenditure
Environmental performance indicators (EN)  
EN1 – EN30 Materials, energy, water,biodiversity, emissions, effluentsand wastes, product and services,compliance, transport and overall Demand-side management
  Primary energy: coal; water; liquid fuels; nuclear
  Climate change
  Environmental performance
  Air quality
  Compliance with legislation
    Environmental expenditure
    Environmental implications of using or saving one kilowatt-hour of electricity
Social performance indicators: Labour practices and decent work (LA)  
LA1 – LA14 Employment, labour/managementrelations, occupational health andsafety, training and education,diversity and equal opportunities Contribution to society
  Our people
  Training interventions
  Employment equity and diversity
    Safety performance
Social performance indicators: Human rights (HR)  
HR1 – HR9 Investment and procurementpractices, non-discrimination,freedom of association andcollective bargaining, child labour,forced and compulsory labour,security practices, indigenous rights Market and industrial overview
  Capital and funding strategies
  Competitive supplier development programme
  Investment portfolio (Equator Principles)
  Environmental impact assessments
  Our peoplehighlights
Social performance indicators: Society (SO)  
SO1 – SO8 Community, corruption, publicpolicy anti-competitive behaviour,compliance Contribution to society
  Corporate social investment
  Directors’ report
    Ethical business conduct
Social performance indicators: Product responsibility (PR)  
PR1 – PR9 Customer health and safety,product and service labelling,marketing communication,customer privacy and compliance Tariff restructuring
  Securing continuity of supply
  Customer service index
  Safety performance
    Contractor and construction management
    Public safety
    Ethical business conduct
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