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Southern Africa grid map
Key facts
from power station to customer
Organisational structure
Executive summary
Vision, values and
strategic objectives
Group five-year review
Additional Information
Information Sheets
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Corporate governance and tables  
Asgisa Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative for South Africa (RSA)
BEE Black economic empowerment, legislated in South Africa under the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act, (5 of 2000) and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act,
(53 of 2003)
Besa Bond Exchange of South Africa
BWO Black women-owned businesses
CDM Clean development mechanism (to address climate change)
CFL Compact fluorescent lamps
CPI Consumer price index
CSI Corporate social investment
CSP Concentrating solar plant
CV Calorific value
DEAT Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (RSA)
DME Department of Minerals and Energy (RSA)
DMP Demand market participation
DPE Department of Public Enterprises (RSA)
DWAF Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (RSA)
EBITDA Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation
EDI Electricity distribution industry, currently being restructured in RSA
EFC Eskom Finance Company
EIA Environmental impact assessment
ELI Eskom learning institutions
EMPs Environmental management programmes
EMS Environmental management system
Esco Energy services company
EWT Endangered Wildlife Trust
Exco Eskom executive management committee
FBE Free basic electricity of 50kWh/month to assist low-income households (RSA)
FGD Fluidised gas desulphurisation
FPM Fine particulate matter
GDP Gross domestic product
GHG Greenhouse gas
GWh Gigawatt hour (1 000MWh)
HRSI Human resources sustainability index
HVDC High-voltage direct current
IFRS International financial reporting standards
ILO International Labour Organisation
Inep Integrated national electrification programme
IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IPP Independent power producer
IRM Integrated risk management
Isep Integrated strategic electricity planning
ISO 14001 This international standard specifies requirements for an environmental management system
KPI Key performance indicator
kt Kilotons (1 000 tons)
kWh Kilowatt hour
kWh SO Kilowatt hour sent out
LME London Metals Exchange
LSM Living standards measure (indicates economic status)
LTA LesothoTelecommunicationsAuthority
LTIR Lost-time incidence rate
MKC Mountain Kingdom Communications
mmi Monthly moving index
MW  Megawatt
MWh Megawatt hour (1 000kWh)
ML Megalitre (1 000 000 litres)
mSv Millisievert
Mt Mega tons
MVA MegaVoltAmpere
MYPD Multi-year price determination
Neea National Energy Efficiency Agency
Necsa Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (RSA)
Nepad New Partnership for Africa’s Development
Nersa National Energy Regulator of South Africa (RSA)
Nema National Environmental Management Act
NGO Non-governmental organisation
NNR National Nuclear Regulator (RSA)
NOx/NO2 Nitrogen oxide
N2O Nitrous oxide
NPI National Productivity Institute
OCGT Open-cycle gas turbine
OCLF Other capability loss factor
OEM Original equipment supplier
OHSA Occupational Health and Safety Act
OMS Outage management system
PCB Polychlorinated biphenyls
PBMR Pebble bed modular reactor
PCP Power conservation programme
PCLF Planned capability loss factor
PFMA Public Finance Management Act (RSA)
RED Regional electricity distributor
RoD Record of decision (environmental authorisation)
Saavi South African Aids Vaccine Initiative
SACECS South African Centre for Essential Community Services
SADC Southern African Development Community
Sapp Southern African Power Pool
SHE Safety, health and environment
SMME Small, medium and micro enterprises
SME Small and medium enterprises
SNO Second network operator (RSAvtelecommunications)
SOE State-owned enterprise
SO2 Sulphur dioxide
SO3 Sulphur trioxide
Sm3 Standard cubic metre
TOU Time-of-use (tariff)
TQI Total quality index
UCF Unit capability factor
UCG Underground coal gasification
UCLF Unplanned capability loss factor
UN United Nations
UNFCCC United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
VAT Value added tax (RSA)
VCT Voluntary counselling and testing (HIV/Aids RSA)
Wano World Association of Nuclear Operators
WBCSD World Business Council for Sustainable Development
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