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World-class technology is essential, but it’s not just a technical exercise – people, Eskom employees and contractors and their combined human capital assets, form the lifeblood of the organisation.

Reliable electricity supply in Eskom is dependent on many factors, but mainly on people with the necessary expertise to research and design global practices, provide leadership and enable strategies, processes, systems and practices in the various functional areas of the business.

Eskom is in an extremely challenging but exciting phase of its 85-year existence. We are in a growth phase where major capital expansion projects are being planned and implemented. At the same time, we have to maintain production and ensure its reliability and availability. This offers individuals an opportunity to embark on a rewarding career in Eskom.

A vast array of technologies – from renewable energies to nuclear, gas, hydro and coal-fired power stations – form part of the opportunities individuals will have to contribute to the business.

As such, the organisation is facing major challenges in terms of key-skills planning, attraction, development and retention – given that major build projects are happening simultaneously in South Africa and everyone is sourcing the same skills-sets.

Eskom will continue to develop its employee value proposition to ensure it remains an employer of choice.

The human resources function engages the organisation as functional experts and business partners to ensure the attainment of strategic objectives. An important role is to monitor and measure critical factors relating to people management. A human resources sustainability index (HRSI) was established some years ago, measuring relevant areas that are also contracted into leadership performance compacts.

The areas of measurement and measurement criteria are reviewed on an annual basis to ensure applicability. These can be summarised as employee satisfaction, employee competence, equity and employee health and wellness categories.

The HRSI score for the past year was 82,3% (2007: 83,4%) against a target of 80,0%. The performance figure is lower than the previous year mainly due to an increase in staff resignations, an increase in days to fill vacancies, aggravated by the current national skills shortage, and a more challenging disability target. However, the performance does indicate that our human resources interventions are largely relevant and generally meet the needs of our people and organisation.

Eskom is a constantly evolving organisation that provides the lifeblood of our economy. We need the right people for the right job, and the right time is now. Every effort is being made to ensure that we employ and retain the skills needed to ensure a reliable electricity supply for generations to come.

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