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Southern Africa grid map
Key facts
from power station to customer
Organisational structure
Executive summary
Vision, values and
strategic objectives
Group five-year review
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The following links are to additional information not found in the printed annual report.

You can click directly to this information from this page or look out for the following icon

Additional information

Where you see this icon within the online Annual Report it will link you to
information relevant to the section you are reading.

    Additional information
  Environment and climate change
  Major operational risks and strategic risks
  Capital expenditure
  Eskom Enterprises group business
interests earmarked for sale
  Eskom’s average tariff adjustments for
the last 15 years compared to CPI
  Capital expenditure programme
  Tariff restructuring
  How the cost of supply is determined and justified
  Eskom’s competitiveness over 10 years
  Rural development
  Eskom Development Foundation
  Solar powered traffic lights
  DSM initiatives
  UCLF recovery strategy
  Major incidents
  Transformer conditioning monitoring research
  Distribution performance measures
  Coal quality effect model
  Discussion of criteria
  Strategic drivers taken into account
when developing the portfolio
  Summary of all current projects
under construction
  HVDC (high-voltage, direct current)
research programme
  Eskom EIAs:
  Land and servitude acquisition process
  Medium-term co-generation project
  PBMR development project
  Underground coal gasification research
  Research activities
  CO2 emissions scenarios from 2025 to 2050
  Case study on the WBCSD
  Clean development mechanism
  Eskom environmental liaison committee
  Air quality research
  Particulate emissions
  Ambient air quality monitoring
  Clean coal technology research
  Heavy metals and fugitive emissions
  Definition of a legal contravention
  Eskom’s biodiversity partnerships
  Vulture research
  International agreements regarding PCBs and asbestos
  Divisions and subsidiaries who have achieved
ISO 14001 certification
  Eskom’s occupational health, safety and
environment policy
  Measuring of customer satisfaction
  Medical and health services
  Noise-induced hearing loss
  Educational material created on the use
of gas appliances and generators
  Investment in new technologies to reduce energy losses
  Eskom’s risk management principles
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