Corporate governance


Relationships are intrinsic to the Aveng Group's strategy: good relationships with clients, investors, stakeholders, the environment, and the relevant authorities. At Aveng, we call the management of these relationships corporate governance, and we believe it is crucial for our organisation. During the year, a comprehensive stakeholder engagement plan was developed, with specific focus on how the organisation engages with those stakeholders, how it can strengthen bonds, and of course how to get more work.

Efficiency and project execution were under the spotlight, and in the year under review the Group enhanced its systems to ensure that they are responsive to its material issues. The vision statement was refreshed and the Group was streamlined to achieve clear accountability at operating group level with strategic guidance from the centre. The aim was to ensure as far as possible that the Code of Conduct, and more importantly the principles espoused in the Aveng DNA (, are applied to every decision of consequence.