Shareholder information and administration

Our code of business conduct

The law will not be violated when conducting business for or on behalf of the Group.

Safety is paramount, never to be compromised in the pursuit of any other objective.

The Aveng Group is committed to compliance with the provisions of the Competition Act 89 of 1998. Any effort to manipulate the markets, in which the Group is active, including collusion with competitors, will result in disciplinary action.

The Aveng Group has a zero-tolerance policy on bribery and any unethical payments to clients or business associates will result in disciplinary action.

Any possible conflict of interest in handling group affairs will be avoided and employees will perform their duties conscientiously, honestly and in accordance with the best interests of the Group and its shareholders.

Employees will not derive personal advantage from their position in the Group, nor will they acquire any business interest which could divert their energy from group responsibilities. They will not participate in an activity that is potentially in conflict with group interests or which could be perceived to impair their independence. Employees will not accept gifts, hospitality, or other favours from suppliers or potential suppliers of goods or services which, in the view of their immediate line superior or colleagues would be unwise, potentially sending the wrong message to subordinates and / or placing the recipient or the Group under a perceived obligation.

Group funds, property and assets will be used only for legitimate business purposes. Strict internal controls and governance procedures of the highest order will be introduced and enforced to discourage fraud and safeguard the Group.

Accurate and reliable records will be kept which fairly reflect all business transactions in terms of statements of International Financial Reporting Standards, for the Group to properly manage its affairs and meet its legal, financial and reporting obligations. Personal and business information gained in the course of business dealings will be safeguarded and its privacy respected.

The Aveng Group will uphold its employment equity policy which requires that equal opportunity be offered to all employees. The individuality of each person, their right to freedom of association and to absolute privacy in this regard will be respected. Harassment of any form, including sexual harassment, will be viewed in a very serious light and appropriate disciplinary action taken.

The Aveng Group’s people are unquestionably its most important asset. Through careful selection, ongoing development, performance-based management and fair reward, every person in our Group will be encouraged to realise their full potential. Exceptional commitment to the Group’s core values of integrity, quality and entrepreneurship will be appropriately rewarded.

The Aveng Group will strive to be a leading corporate citizen, working with employees, their families, local communities and society at large to improve the overall quality of life and to achieve sustainable economic development at all levels.

The Aveng Group will promote policies and operating procedures that conserve resources and minimise the environmental impact of its business activities.

Finally, the Aveng Group, its subsidiaries and officers will seek to build an atmosphere of openness and trust through regular, timeous and courteous communication with all stakeholders.