Glossary of terms and acronyms


ABET   Adult Basic Education and Training  
AIDS   Acquired immune deficiency syndrome  
ART   Anti-retroviral therapy, provided for the treatment of HIV and AIDS (excluding state and private medical aid) 
BEE   Black economic empowerment  
CBO   Community-based organisation  
CO2   Carbon dioxide  
dB   Decibels. Unit of measurement for sound  
DMR   Department of Mineral Resources, South Africa  
DSM   Demand side management  
EIA   Environmental Impact Assessment  
EMP   Environmental Management Programme  
EMS   Environmental Management System  
ESOP   Employee Share Ownership Programme  
Executive director   Is employed by the Company and is involved in the day-to-day running of the organisation  
FIFR   A rate expressed per million man hours of any Impala employee, contractor or contractor employee or visitor who is involved in an incident whilst performing his duties at work and who sustains terminal injuries shall constitute a fatal accident. Any road related fatal incident where the Company is in full control of the vehicle, the driver and conditions related to the road injury of an employee shall constitute a fatal incident. A fatal injury may occur when an employee is incapacitated for a period of time prior to expiration, thus requiring a revision of injury status from LTI to a fatality  
FOG   Fall of ground  
FY   Financial year (to 30 June) 
GJ   Gigajoules. Unit of measure for energy  
GHG   Greenhouse gases  
GRI   Global Reporting Initiative  
HDSA   Historically disadvantaged South African  
HIV   Human immuno-deficiency virus  
HSE   Health, Safety and Environment  
IBT   Impala Bafokeng Trust, socio-economic development vehicle jointly funded by Implats and RBH  
ICDT   Impala Community Development Trust, vehicle for socio-economic development, now dissolved  
IDP   Integrated Development Plan  
ILO   International Labour Organisation  
Impala Platinum   Impala Platinum Limited, comprising the Rustenburg operations and the Refineries in Springs  
Implats   Impala Platinum Holdings Limited  
Independent directors   Directors who apart from receiving directors’ remuneration do not have any other material pecuniary relationship or transactions with the Company, its management or its subsidiaries, which in the judgement of the Board may affect their independence  
IRS   Impala Refining Services  
IPA   International Platinum Association  
ISO   International Organisation for Standardisation  
LED   Local Economic Development  
Local community   Communities that are directly impacted on by our mining operations and are on or near the mine lease area  
Lost time   A work-related injury resulting in the employee being unable to attend work at his/her place of work, performing his/her assigned duties, on the next calendar day (whether a scheduled work day or not) after the day of the injury. If the appointed medical professional advises that the injured person is unable to attend work on the next calendar day after the injury, regardless of the injured person’s next roster shift, a lost time injury is deemed to have occurred  
LSE   London Stock Exchange  
LTIFR   Number of lost-time injuries expressed as a rate per million hours worked  
Marula   Marula Platinum (Pty) Limited  
Materiality and material issues   Issues of materiality are those aspects that may have a significant impact on the organisation’s reputation and may carry a financial and/or legal cost. These aspects are identified internally through the risk process and externally through ad hoc or routine engagements with a range of stakeholders  
Mimosa   Mimosa Platinum (Private) Limited  
Mining Charter   Broad-based Socio-Economic Empowerment Charter for the South African Mining Industry  
MPRDA   Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, 28 of 2002, which came into effect in
South Africa on 11 May 2004  
Medical Treatment Cases (MTCs)  A Medical Treatment Case is defined as a one-time treatment and subsequent observation of minor injuries by an appointed medical professional. Such minor injuries may include treatment by the application of bandages, antiseptic, ointment, irrigation of the eye to remove non-embedded foreign objects or the removal of foreign objects from the wound. MTCs never involve a loss of one or more calendar days after the injury, regardless of the injured person’s next rostered shift or where the injured is unable to perform one or more of their routine functions normally connected with their work due to a restriction applied by an appointed medical professional  
MW   Megawatt, a measure of electric power  
NBI   National Business Institute  
NGO   Non-governmental organisation  
NIHL   Noise-induced hearing loss  
Non-executive director   A director who is not involved in the day-to-day running of the organisation but is a nominee director of a material shareholder  
NOx   Nitrous Oxide  
NUM   National Union of Mineworkers, South Africa  
PGI   Platinum Guild International  
PGMs   Platinum group metals being the metals derived from PGE  
RBH   Royal Bafokeng Holdings  
RBN   Royal Bafokeng Nation  
RWC   Restricted Work Case. This refers to an individual who is injured on duty and receives medical treatment and is deemed by medical staff to be fit to resume his/her normal duties, in a normal working place, but with specific restrictions for a specific time period  
Reportable   A reportable injury is an injury which results in: 
a) the death of the employee; 
b) an injury, to any employee, likely to be fatal; 
c) unconsciousness, incapacitation from heatstroke or heat exhaustion, oxygen deficiency, the inhalation of fumes or poisonous gas, or electric short or electric burning accidents of or by any employee and which is not reportable in terms of paragraph (d), or as required by the OHS Act where applicable;  
d) an injury which either incapacitates the injured employee from performing that employee’s normal occupation for a period totalling 14 days or more, or which causes the injured employee to suffer the loss of a joint, or a part of a joint, or sustain a permanent disability  
PPM   Parts per million  
Restricted Work Injuries (RWI)  A Restricted Work Injury is a work related injury which results in the employee being able to return to his or her permanently assigned workplace, to perform his or her permanently assigned work on the next calendar day, but where the injured is unable to perform one or more of their routine functions normally connected with their work due to a restriction applied by an appointed medical professional  
RLM   Rustenburg Local Municipality  
SAWIMA   South African Women in Mining Association  
SED   Socio-economic development  
SLP   Social and Labour Plan  
SMMEs   Small, medium and micro enterprises  
SO2   Sulphur dioxide  
TB   Pulmonary tuberculosis, which in South Africa is considered an occupational illness when it is associated with the presence of dust in the workplace  
Traditional council leadership   Elected/appointed members of a community according to customs and practices. The tenure of these leaders differ among communities. The chief King/Kgoshi/Kgosi or inKhosi is the head of the Traditional council leadership and the Chairman of the council  
UASA   United Association of South Africa  
UNGC   United Nations Global Compact  
VCT   Voluntary counselling and testing, in respect of HIV & AIDS  
WHO   World Health Organisation  
WIM   All females including foreign nationals who are involved in core business activities of mining  
Basis of calculating both direct and indirect energy and resulting CO2 emissions  
Indicator   Basis of calculation  
Indirect energy   Calculated by multiplying MWh by 3.6 (basic principles) to get GJ  
Indirect CO2   Eskom Integrated Report FY2010  
Direct energy from diesel, petrol and IBO   2009 DEFRA Guidelines  
Direct CO2 from diesel, petrol and IBO   2009 DEFRA Guidelines  
Direct energy from Sasol gas   From Sasol gas (supplier) 
Direct CO2 from Sasol gas   From Sasol gas (supplier) 
Direct energy from coal consumption   Supplier analysis  
Direct CO2 from coal consumption   Supplier analysis