To achieve our vision of becoming the world’s best platinum producing company and delivering superior returns to stakeholders relative to our peers the Group remains focused on a clear three-tier strategy to:

1. Mine safely and sustainably
  • Achieve a ‘zero harm’ workplace
  • Minimise the impact of operating activities on the environment
  • Build respectful, constructive relationships with all relevant stakeholders
  • Develop a strong pipeline of talent and skill
2. Grow production and resources
  • Undertake brownfields and greenfields exploration
  • Develop organic growth opportunities
  • Pursue acquisitions and strategic alliances/JVs
  • Deliver on capital projects
3. Maintain a low-cost ounce profile
  • Apply disciplined capital investment criteria
  • Execute rigorous cost control and operational efficiency to maintain the Group in the lowest quartile on the cost curve
  • Focus on improving productivity

Implats remains a focused PGM producer and future expansions would only be within this defined strategic space. Likewise looking at vertical integration we participate in the value chain from exploration through to marketing. Downstream opportunities would include fuller beneficiation of our products that we produce.